Spending time with friends

Joe and Fred talked  about the Special Olympics race they met in. Joe, a former member of the Buffalo Bills. and Fred was in the Special Olympics race 30 years ago.  We were at TRC’s  symposium. I was able to tell about my life at Willowbrook. I moved to The Resource Center in 1987. We should always remember to be kind to every person  no  matter what.


4 Responses to “Spending time with friends”

  1. Sara Baker Michalak Says:

    Hi Henry,

    I love your blog! The picture of Jean and you is beautiful. Thank you for sharing news about your day, your friends and your thoughts. I especially like when you say, “We should always remember to be kind to every person, no matter what.”

    Would you like to talk about putting pictures of your Aspire artwork on your blog? I’ll see you at Day Hab next Monday, and we can talk about that.

    From your Aspire art teacher, friend, and admirer,

    • trchenry Says:

      Hi Sara — thank you! Yes I would love to put my artwork on my blog… can we discuss Weds. 6/23 at 9am?
      Regards, Henry

  2. Linda Heath aka Testa Says:

    Henry & Jean. This is Linda Testa; your friend & friend of John Miskell. I have left you a message before. You are such an amazing person; done wonders with your life…. John always had faith in you. I wish I knew where he was. I live in Florida now. Would love to hear from you. Linda

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